Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All kinds of things

Miller is really crawling now. He goes from room to room looking for things he can play with (get in to). Just when we finally got rid of them, we are going back to life with baby gates! He is always into something (like the dog water bowl)! My friend Angel really wanted me to tell you about Miller getting into Jackson's little potty but that would be gross, so let's pretend like those kind of things never happen around here, OK?
Yesterday when I finished doing the breakfast dishes, I walked back into the Living room to find this. See how nonchalant he is about it. No big deal Mama, just crawl up on the stool then pull up on this little table. Easy Peasy!

Sunday he was off his nap schedule, but if you let him take a late nap he will NOT go to sleep at bedtime, so instead I thought it would be fine to just let him stay up a little long. At about 5:15 he got kind of cranky. So Allen got him his pacifier. Just to make his point, this is what he did. He wanted a nap, so he made it happen--on the living room floor! Here he is passed out cold, face down. Guess he was tuckered out from all his gettin' into stuff!

Jackson continues to work on his potty training. We are getting closer every day--closer to me losing my mind that is! One piece of advice I would pass along is that you might not want to keep your bribes--I mean rewards-- in the linen closet. Because if you have a smart little monkey, you might come out of the baby's room with every pillowcase, hand towel and blanket on the floor and your two year old looking like this.
Oh and you REALLY shouldn't hide the sidewalk chalk in that same linen closet because you might find all your pillowcases colored purple! Not that I would do those things--nor would Jackson, I'm just saying...


  1. From the looks of things- you got your hands full!!!!
    Great pics!

  2. These children really are smart aren't they? I wish I could take a nap like that!

  3. Miller cracks me up!!! He is such an advanced baby! Love the picture of Jackson!


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