Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Haulin' Stuff

It's official--The Gon Geere Tractor is a hit!
Yesterday it was warm enough to go outside, so we went out to play. Jackson had a ball picking up sticks. It went something like this-- Drive to a stick, get off the tractor, pick up the stick, put it in the trailer, then drive 3 feet to the next stick and repeat about 47 times. A fun time was had by all!



Today we finally got some Spring weather. It was sunny and 70 today. That is tractor driving weather if ever there was such a thing. So Gon Geere got another workout. Today Gon Geere was pulling 2 boys. You have never seen a prouder big brother than when Jackson was pulling his baby in the trailer. They both loved it. Pulling such precious cargo is serious business-- check out Jackson's look of concentration. We're still working on the steering thing. He is all about going around in circles. Maybe he watched the movie Cars one or twelve times too many!

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The dismount gets a 7 from the Russian judges. This was just before the trailer jack knifed and the baby got dumped on his head. Good thing we have been working on toughening up the butterbean!

Just so you know I didn't dress them in matching outfits on purpose. I mean who would do that? Me? Yes, I would, but today I didn't. They just both happened to be in navy and green ---John Deere green at that!


  1. Those pictures are too cute! I love the one of Miller smiling BIG!
    Jack knifed trailer...what kind of mother are you! :)


  2. I love this and YOU! Jackson looks so handsome and "big brother-like!" And Miller....well, you know how I feel about that little smiley snuggler! Hug them from me.


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