Sunday, March 22, 2009

Aquarium Visit

When Kelly and I were fresh college graduates we went on a really fun trip where we camped and saw the sights all up the East Coast. That trip lasted about a month but made a lifetime of memories. One of our first stops was at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Later that afternoon we had another a Maryland State Trooper who claimed that we -meaning Kelly- were speeding. But I digress... I never would have imagined that I would return to the same aquarium almost 15 years later with my husband and 2 young sons, and that we would be living not too far away from it. Life is amazing.
Since we visited SC and Jackson watched Finding Nemo with my sister, Michele, he has been on a fish/whale/starfish/diver kick. Every night before he goes to bed he says, "Let's talk about whales." or Nemo or any of the other characters he can think of in order to stall the inevitable. He is very adamant about it too, don't get any character's name, color, gender or story plot wrong, because he doesn't put up with that kind of nonsense.
So, we packed up Saturday morning and headed for Baltimore. We may have been going to the Aquarium, but really we were going to see Nemo. Some parts were more interesting than others, but Jackson found some of his favorite characters along the way, and eventually we did spot Nemo.
after the Aquarium tour we went to the dolphin show and that was the cherry on top. He loved seeing the dolphins and was absolutely delighted when they did their tricks.
And I am sure you can guess what Miller did during our trip to the aquarium. He just hung out in the Baby Bjorn, smiled at people who told him he was cute, kicked off his socks 378 times and pulled a little girl's hair who was standing in front of me. What a doll! In his defense he was just grabbing what was in front of him at the time. He grabs everything.

There were so many sharks there, and they were BIG too!

Allen and Jackson finally got to see Nemo. Turns out clown fish are very good at hiding in their anemones.

Miller and I taking in some fish.

The Seahorses were so neat to watch

Yes, these dolphins were really this close!!

And the answer to your burning question is NO! Kelly did not get a ticket that day! We have come a long way my friend! Love ya!


  1. Well I am glad that he has taken to sea life rather than Nascar races which you had him well on his way to! Love my guys!

  2. I remember how Jackson liked all the animals and the fish skeletons at the Natural History museum last summer. Glad he got a chance to see the live fish at the aquarium!

    Great pictures as always!

  3. Oh, I just thought ... if I can find them soon on a disc, I'll be sure to send you a picture of the clown fish (or "Nemo") hot air balloon that I took last fall. Here is someone else's picture of it on Flickr:

  4. Did Miller seem to enjoy the aquarium? I wanted to take Will this summer to the one in Atlanta. Looks like you had fun. I am sure it was a priceless moment when Jackson finally saw the clown fish.

  5. Thanks for that revisit to that fun day. I can still that cop standing in the road trying to flag me down...why did he do that? What funny memories!

    Great pics...glad you had a fun day!



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