Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gon Geere

Among the many adorable things Jackson says right now, Gon Geere is pretty cute. He really likes Gon Geere tractors and can tell if it is a Gon Geere tractor or not. He has a hat that he wore on Halloween that is too small for him now. He loves it and wants to wear his Gon Geere hat, but then remembers it's too small and says, "Here Miller". So sweet to his baby brother. Guess we need to get him a bigger size. I'm not ashamed to tell you that my oldest son has a big head. Means he is smart, right? So we will probably be getting the big kid size for him.
Anyway the real reason for this post is to show you Jackson's Gon Geere tractor. I went to a Baby and Kid Bazzar a few weeks ago and saw this tractor for $40. I knew he would love it and I was right. He is learning to use the pedal and steer. Unfortunately it got a little snow on it and the pedal isn't working too well these days. I've got to take it in for a tune up. Now that will surely cost me way more than the $40 I paid for it...oh well. Should be a great toy for the boys to have for a long time.!


  1. What a bargain! The boys will get years of enjoyment out of that!

  2. The pics look like he is mowing the "lower 40"!

    So cute!


  3. That is so awesome! It would be neat to put that up next to a picture of his Papa Joe on his John Deere (er... Gon Geere) tractor! And very cute and kind about sharing the hat with Miller! Yes, of course Jackson's smart ... but then we're biased, right? Uncle Mark


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