Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where do I start? Super long post!

Our trip to Greenville was a whirlwind! There was wind, rain, and even a few inches of snow! We got to see so many people we love and everyone got to meet Miller and smother him in adoration.

Here are some of my girlfriends loving on Miller. Thanks Katie for having us all over. And a bigger Thank you for all the train things. It has occupied lots of Jackson's time.

My sister, Michele, wins the Aunt of the Year award. She was a huge help with the boys and loves every minute of it. Jackson and Miller are lucky to have a wonderful aunt who thinks that everything they do is cute and funny. I tried to get a good picture of her, but since Miller refused to sleep most nights, neither of us was looking particularly hot most of the time. I don't think you can see her circles under her eyes at this distance!

We weren't prepared for snow. But we made do with some pirate rain boots, socks on the hands and blue jeans. It was too cold for us to stay out long, but don't worry all of our time out in the snow was well documented.

Here is Michle's horse, I mean dog, Sassy in the snow. Jackson loved telling her what to do in his very loudest voice, every 10 seconds or so! He even told her "SASSY GO GET IN THE SHOWER!", right after Michele told me she was getting in the shower.

My brother KC and his kids Riley and Braedyn also came to visit us at Michele's, Miller loved when Uncle KC held him. Too bad for me it was a lot like shaking up a Coke and giving it to someone to drink. He spewed for a very long time after all the fun he had with KC. Thanks so much for that KC!

We got to spend a great afternoon with Kelly and AnnaKate. Jackson absolutely loves AnnaKate and was on his very best behavior the whole time. Miller had no trouble keeping up with them. He is sure that he's just one of the kids, so he just worms his way in and plays with whatever they are playing with.

We got to visit with Susanne and Hampton, Cathy and Emerson and had such a fun time together. My pictures are not so great, but I think Susanne has some on her camera that are better.

Aunt Sharon came down from Asheville on Tuesday and got to meet Miller also.

Thursday my firend Kim and her sons were in town from Charlotte, so I got to visit with them for a bit. Baby Drew is a doll.

Allen's parents were in Greenville during our visit too, but unfortunatly I didn't bring my camera that day.

Mom took some 6 month pictures of Miller, as usual getting pictures of my boys is an experiment in terror, but of course mom got some great ones. Can't wait to get them printed! Thanks so much Mom!

I was so happy that Michele and I were going to get to see the finale of the Bachelor together. But then... oh my! I am so upset by what he did to my girl Melissa on national TV. My mom once told me, "When you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas!" Time for a flea dip girl!


  1. Looks like you had a great time, it's so wonderful to spend time with friends and family! Welcome back!

  2. It was wonderful having you and the boys. Can't wait for you to come back! Sassy immediately went looking for her boys when I got home Friday ;-(


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