Friday, October 15, 2010

The MOVE part 1

So, just to be clear here, I mostly write the blog so I can have a memory.  This is what I am trying to do now.  This may not be an especially cute or entertaining post, but I do feel the need to document and remember how  "the move" went.  Thinking back on it reminds me of that Jimmy Buffett song that says, "Some of its magic, some of its tragic, but I had a few laughs on the way."

We ended up selling our house the Friday before we actually  moved out.  The new owner seems very nice which were happy to find out because his realtor was, ummm, the opposite of pretty nice.  We had some very tight schedules and we knew we would be exhausted, but there is no good way to prepare for future exhaustion.  You know before you have a baby say, "rest now, because when that baby come you will need it!"  That never really worked out for me because sleeping and pregnancy don't always go hand in hand.

So, back to Friday, September 24th.  We close on the house and go home to continue getting things situated.  The to do list was brutal.  We knocked out some big things and even had a nice dinner at the boys' favorite restaurant, California Pizza Kitchen.  It was a pretty nice night considering what was ahead.

Saturday morning Allen got up and drove 9 hours to NC to his parents with the boys and Hank.  The grandparents were kind enough to spoil them rotten keep them for us during the grueling part of the move.  The next morning he and his dad got up and drove from NC to Miami. 

Miami?  Yep, that is where they had to go to ship Allen's car to the Bahamas.  So they drove all day to get there, spent the night and got up and did all the back and forth that it takes to get a car shipped.  We are now so thankful that they did that because having a car has been a real sanity saver!

Now you may be thinking, "husband and kids are gone, what is she doing, watching Real Housewives of NJ?"  Um, yes and no!  I did have the TV on the majority of the time because the house was so quiet, but there was no sitting on the sofa relaxing.  I went through every corner of the house and sorted.  We were purging for the last few months and that made it easier, but I had a TON to do.  Some of my great friends were even kind enough to come and help me out.  Thanks, ladies!  I had to physically lay my hands on every item in the house and decide if we were going to take it or store it.   We were allowed to bring 7200 pounds with us, so being selective was key.

After getting the car squared away Allen got on one flight to DC and his dad got on another to NC (and ended up getting delayed due to bad weather).  As soon as Allen got off the Metro we headed straight to Costco, where we shopped like it was 1999.  We were bound and determined to bring as much as our 7200 pounds would allow us.  The moving estimator thought we were going to be around 5000 pounds, so we thought we had plenty of weight to play around with.  See things in the Bahamas are super expensive.  Every. single.  thing. is. imported. here.

We went to bed really early because as we were dog tired.  We reasoned that we were better off getting some sleep and getting at 3:30.  The only flaw with that thinking was that by the time the movers got there at 8:30 we had been going strong for 5 hours.  And we were just getting started!

Are you bored yet?  I'm sure you will be waiting with baited breath for the next instalment of the Bug and the Butterbean move to the Bahamas!  It promises to be even more moving.  Get it?  Moving!  I'm so clever.  I need to get out more and meet some new friends.


  1. I like posts like this. I am exhausted for you, but glad to know that you are on the other side of it and all is well. Now I see why you had to plan everything out. What did the people at Costco think when you left with 2,000 lbs of dog food and TP?

  2. I am so glad you are finally at your new house and posting about your move! I have missed your updates and can't wait to hear more!

    Miss you lots!
    Kim T.

  3. Hey Holly! You left a comment asking about some material that I used for is a link to the post that explains where I got my pillows and the name of the fabric:


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