Monday, October 25, 2010

The move Part 4

As eager as we were to see the boys, when Allen's parents offered to keep the boys for another day, so we could wrap up some loose ends, and get some rest we didn't have to think twice! Friday we turned in our tags, dropped of the cable boxes and ran all manner of errands. Most importantly we rested.
Saturday morning, as we drove to NC, it was one of those crisp Autumn days that comes after the storm. Beautiful, windy and sunny. So glad that even though we were able to experience one real Autumn day before we moved here.

When we got to Allen's parent's house the boys were so excited to see us, and we were just as excited. We are so thankful that they were so well taken care of. I can't imagine how much more stressful of an ordeal it would have been if we hadn't had help with the boys and Hank.

They live in boy heaven. There are waterfalls and woods and even a tree or two to climb...Jackson climbed his first.

Miller played with the neighbor's rubber snake.  No Fear!

Thankfully he was content to swing on the low branches.  He didn't even try to climb the tree.  We were barely spared on that one!

We were able to rest, regroup and get ready for the next chapter, flying to Nassau!

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