Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Move Part 5

After a few days relaxing and regrouping, we hit the road, for the next leg of this big adventure.  We got up bright and early and drove to Greenville, where we had Hank examined by a vet.  We were then able to go to my mom's.  She was a good sport and ran a few errands with us so we wouldn't have to drag the boys around to buy yet another HUGE suitcase, and one of those child airplane seatbelts.  Those things are PRI-CEY!

Afterwards we went to our favorite park in Greenville and had a great picnic lunch.  We were soaking in all the Autumn weather while we could. 

We ended the day by driving to Atlanta so we could be close to the airport.  Jackson slept most of the way to Atlanta and Miller slept-not one wink!  Do you see where this is going???

Unbelievably the boys had NEVER spent the night in a hotel (or motel for that matter).  I'm sure it will be no surprise to you that Miller manged to escape the room repeatedly.  He is a clever little fellow!

We decided to be brave and attempt to eat dinner in a real restaurant.  What were we thinking?  Two year old +No Nap + His whole life being turned upside down= Bad Scene!!!

About the time we ordered Miller had a fit and ended up throwing a fork at someone at a nearby table.  Exactly how do you apologize to someone for that?  I'll tell you how I apologized for that.  We asked the waitress to make our order a "to go" and we paid the check and left.  Sorry lady in Johnny Carino's!  We won't take him out to dinner for a long, LONG time.

We got back to the hotel and the boys got the delight of their life.  A bath in a whirlpool tub.  Yeah, I know germ city, but it's not like they don't lick strange things all the time anyway! 

So they were ready for bed, right?  Yes, and no.  Miller went straight to sleep and Jackson, notsomuch.  Remember that nice long nap he had on the drive?? He was up until midnight.  Watching TV.  Nice!

So the next morning we were up sometime between  O'Dark Thirty and Way Before the Rooster Crows.  Because why would you want to sleep when you are MOVING TO THE BAHAMAS THAT DAY!!??!!

Despite getting up and being pretty organized it still took us sweet forever to get out of there and then I managed to get us lost on the way to the airport.  Yes, we were staying at the LaQuinta Airport.  Yes, I still managed to get us lost! 

Miraculously we got there and then began the agonizing process of getting Hank checked in.  Apparently if all the paperwork is in my name, they won't let anyone else check him in.  So after a quick switcheroo we finally got one member of our family checked in for the flight.

After that it was seemingly a piece of cake to check 8 huge pieces of checked luggage, 2 carseats and get tickets for the whole family.  While wrangling two children.  Yes, and Allen did that alone while I got the rental car returned.  He is THE MAN!

Going through TSA was yet another laborious process.  Somehow we managed to get to the gate and  we were so thankful that we got up so freaking early for our 2 p.m. flight!

We had a layover in Miami and then we were on to the Bahamas.  Overall the boys were great on the flight.  There was one point at the end of the second flight where Miller let out a blood curdling scream because he no longer wanted to be confined to his seat, and I kid you not, every. single. person. on the flight turned and looked at us.  It's a good thing he is so cute because it really helps to keep him in one piece at times like that!

(notice J is reading the flight information!  He was so stinkin' excited!)

And then we were here.  Well not really here.  Our house wasn't quite ready so we spent the night in some random embassy house.  It just added to the whole experience.

Want to see our new house?  OK I will show you.


What?  I'm tired I've typed a lot today!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Can't wait.

    I got over all of my germ fears when I saw Will eating his shoe in the car. Oh and he is still alive :)


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