Friday, October 22, 2010

The Move Part 3

The second day of the move was interesting to say the least. At 7:45a.m., as we were driving back to the house with Krispy Kreme (for the movers of course) we get a call from a roll back driver who was there to get our mini van.  Huh?  We knew they would be shipping the van that day, but we thought that the movers were taking it when they finished packing our stuff.  Lots of details just weren't explained to us!  We ended up giving that guy a couple of donuts and telling him we still needed our van and would drop it off at their facility the next day.  Let the complications commence!

We also knew it was going to rain at some point, we just weren't aware of the flash flood that was coming!  Our movers were super nice and tried to get as much loaded before the rains came, but it rained and rained hard for a long time.  Rain on our stuff that was going into storage for a few years in some probably musty place.  Another serving of stress, please!

The second and third days are a blur.  We all worked hard getting things packed and loaded.  At one point there were 7 movers packing and loading our house. 

I do remember that we were exhausted and at times overwhelmed.  The 3 original movers that came the first day continued to be the best thing about the whole ordeal.  They were nice, calm and hard workers.  The whole experience could have gone from tough to miserable if they hadn't done such a good job.

That afternoon the head mover told us that what they had weighed what we had packed and loaded the first day and was coming with us and we were at 6500 pounds!  That didn't include the things that were currently in the truck.  Hmmm.  They seemed to want us to go to the moving company facility and pick things out to put into storage.  Does that sound reasonable to you?  Me either!  We didn't end up getting our final weight until late in the afternoon on Friday.  It didn't matter because we were going to be over and no one knew what it was going to cost us .  Another heaping cup of stress, please!

We got to the hotel on Wednesday night knowing that we were in for a third day, and that the third day was going to be full!  Just about the time  I was going to get in the shower I got a call from our realtor who told us that the new owner of our house had scheduled his movers for Thursday also.  Seriously??  Double dose of stress, with a large scoop of anxiety, please!

The next morning was a total washout.  Allen had gone to work on replacing his recently lost Driver's Licence.  Sprinkle on some stress, please!!  Pouring rain and the new owner, his realtor were on their way over for a walk through, and our realtor was stuck in traffic.  Small serving of stress, please! 

They came through, looked at all that still had to be done and basically wrecked my nerves.  The new owner asked if we could get the bedrooms cleared out by noon, so his movers could move his things into there.  A good compromise, I thought.

The movers, all 5 or 6 of them, busted their humps all day long loading the truck in the rain.  Meanwhile, Allen and I had to leave and drive to VA and pick up our rental car.  Later in the day we also had to go drop off our minivan at the moving facility.  Meanwhile it was getting closer and closer to the 5 O'clock deadline. Stress and anxiety sanwich, please!

We got back right before 5 and the new owner and his realtor were out front glowering.  It was going to be close, but were weren't going to be out by 5.  We apologized to him and offered to buy him dinner.  Um, no!  We got shut down on that one.  This guy wanted us out of his house!  Our movers were done by 5:30 and we had a little bit of tidying up to do.  We ended up leaving about 6:15. 

By that time we were so stressed about getting out of there, we didn't have time to be sentimental about things.  As we did our last walk through it was strange to see someone else's things in our house.  As we were standing on the porch a huge hawk flew right by us.  He couldn't have been 6 feet away.  What an amazing sendoff!

We were able to take our dirty, wet selves over to our neighbor Mo's and over to our friends the Romeros to say good bye.  Good Byes are hard, but we had some big adventures ahead to make them a little easier!
That night we had a nice dinner at one of our favorite resaraunts and tried to absorb everything that had happened.

More adventures to come!

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  1. Good Lord, woman! I hope you are able to actually enjoy being in the BAHAMAS after all of that! I'm whipped just reading about it. ;)
    Love you! Cat


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