Monday, October 18, 2010

The Move Part 2

So the movers showed up at about 8:30 on Tuesday.  We were scheduled for a 2 day pack and move.  There were 3 categories of things to be packed: Things that were going to be shipped via air, things to be shipped via surface (in a truck, then on a ship), and things that were going to be in storage.  The 3 movers that came that Tuesday morning were very nice, but said that this was going to be a big job.  They got to work and we worked too, managing to say a step or two ahead of them getting things further organized and sorted.  One mover was working on the air freight, which was supposed to get sent immediately and meet us at the new house.  A second mover was packing the kitchen, as I had been told, "pack your kitchen, the whole kitchen and everything in your kitchen."  The third mover was packing things in the living room and bedrooms.

After lunch the first day our movers called in extra help, and a few more guys showed up to help pack.  Later a man from the moving company, who was some type of quality control guy, came by and said that they were actually likely to need 3 days, but were going to send every extra hand they could to our house to try and get it done sooner. 

I called our realtor and told him we were going to have to reschedule our walk through, with the new owner, that had been scheduled for Thursday at 8:30 a.m.  We didn't think that it would be a problem since the contract said we had until 5:00 p.m. to vacate. 

This was how things looked at the end of the first day...a mess, but a partially packed mess!

We ended up staying in a hotel that night.  There was no way to sleep on top of all that mess.

To be continued...

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