Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Every Day Stuff

Last Friday I decided that we need to bite the bullet and go get flu shots.  Some people have no reaction, but we generally felt yucky most of the day Saturday.  Jackson ran a fever and so we missed the soccer game (darn!)



For Christmas I got a Nespresso machine and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  especially the milk frother.  Jackson wanted to try it.  He liked the cold milk froth, but he liked his mustache even better.


Sunday I woke up with a little motivation to clean out and rearrange.  Jackson is the world’s biggest pack- rat.  He literally cried when I threw out a shoe box with a free comic from a chic-Fil-A kids meal.  On the positive side, he still has the 3D glasses from the last movie we saw (and every other 3D movie we have seen).  He took the lenses out of these and wears them around sometimes.


When he puts on those glasses I just have to laugh.  It makes his pack- rat tendencies worth it.  He is such a sweet, sweet boy!

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