Monday, January 21, 2013


Since Halloween Miller has worn his Superman costume at LEAST once a day.  He spends more time in it than in his regular clothes. 


He loves all super heroes and this is what our ottoman looked like the other day!


Last Thursday Jackson lost his second front tooth.  I am obsessed with his smile!  I can’t get enough!  He has one tooth that is so close to poking through the gums so I know that  he is only going to look like this for a few more days.


He wasn’t sure if he wanted the tooth fairy to take that tooth, but then he forgot about it and somehow the tooth {in a ziplock baggie} has disappeared.  He says that the tooth fairy took it.  I happen to know that tooth fairy didn’t visit that night, nor did she leave any money.  What to do?

He is also obsessed with burping, underwear and all things gross.  I’m not kidding when I say that his Whoopee Cushion was his favorite gift at Christmas.

As far as they know, I have never burped {much less anything else} and let’s hope that they keep that belief for a long time!

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