Thursday, January 10, 2013

Only Here!?!

Way back on Christmas day, my friend, who lives close by, stopped at our house on her Jet Ski.  Living on the water can be very handy that way.

While we were sitting on the porch visiting, Miller  was on the dock playing when he noticed that there was a lizard trapped in our bucket.  We told him to lay the bucket on its side so that the lizard could get out.  (He may or may not have recently impaled a lizard when playing with it).  We used the word gently many times.

As it turned out the lizard was very friendly.  Which is surprising that word had not gotten out about some of the lizard catching shenanigans that go on in this area!

The lizard decided that rather than run free, he would catch a ride on Miller’s shoulder.


And there he stayed and stayed.DSCN2853

And kept hanging out…DSCN2854DSCN2855DSCN2858

Until Miller decided to go sit on Meg’s lap.


He named the lizard Michael.


Then he Michael ran over Meg’s chest and down her back!  I just love that expression!


At this point the lizard had enough, so he ran away.  INTO OUR HOUSE!  I am still sitting there (shocked) when I hear, “The lizard is climbing up the curtain!”  What???

Michael was captured and relocated to the great outdoors where he belongs.  Shortly after that, my friend did this.


And goodbye!DSCN2864

Just kidding she wasn’t scared of a little lizard!  Or was she?

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