Friday, April 19, 2013


Jackson is my nature boy.  He loves to catch, watch and observe crabs, lizards, bugs and anything else he can get his hands on. 

He sat, {in the full blazing sun} for quite some time ,watching these hermit crabs.  I wonder what he is thinking?


Last week we were on a bike ride and stopped at a park for the boys to play.  While there, he caught a lizard.  That lizard knew what a special soul Jackson has and it just hung out on his arm and shoulder.

When it was time for us to get going, the lizard just hung out on his shoulder.  He rode his bike to the beach before the lizard disappeared. 

I wonder what that lizard thought when he ended up on a sunny, sandy beach when he had started out in a grassy park with coconut trees for shade?

When we are at the beach, he is always searching for hermit crabs.  Last week he found this one in a brown shell and named him “Coat-y”  Pronounced like the name “Cody”. {As far as Jackson is concerned, all animals have to be named according to their physical characteristics}. We put Coaty in the bucket with our other treasures and by the time we got home, Coaty had switched to another shell that was black and white.


Later that evening, Coaty was placed on the kitchen counter and was not there when Jackson returned.  I think Coaty is living quite happily under our fridge.  Heavens knows we have enough crumbs under there to feed an entire army of hermit crabs!

A few days later we went back to the beach and guess what???  Jackson found Coaty!  He was hanging out on the beach (of all places) and had switched back into his brown shell.  He even walked the 12 or so miles from our house to that beach.


Jackson still hasn’t realized that Coaty’s original brown shell is still upstairs where he left it.

This makes me kind of sad that we don’t have a goldfish.  I could replace dead goldfish for years on end and as long as they were all fish he’d believe it was the same one.  “Look my goldfish turned into a Beta fish, COOL!”

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  1. I love the innocence in their young minds!



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