Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break Part 2

Saturday dawned cool and breezy.  We had made reservations to do a sail and snorkel trip for the day.  Kirk and Sachi gave us such a fun experience and it was a real treat since we don’t do very many “vacation” type things here.  We were sad that Allen had to work and couldn’t come with us.

We arrived at the dock and had 3 other passengers with us for the day sail.  They were from Turkey and only one of them spoke any English.


This is right outside the harbor heading east.  About this time they turned off the engines and raised the sails.  I do love sailing.DSCN6819

It was a little chilly so sweatshirts were in order for the boys.DSCN6827

And at least 1 girl.


Then they headed down below for a bit.DSCN6839

These two did not need sweatshirts.  They were thrilled with the sun and breeze!  Did you know that my brother Kirk is a sailboat captain in San Francisco?  He is.  He and Sachi have sailed extensively so this was big fun for them!


As we approached Rose Island the 1st mate blew the conch.DSCN6846

We all jumped in for the snorkeling portion of the trip.  This was the last I would see of Jackson for a while he headed off with Kirk Sachi, and Romi to snorkel.


I was with Miller and Miya.  Despite his vest he decided that this was a better way to snorkel.  Why swim when you can ride?P3300838

We saw lots of sea fans and some cute little fishP3300835

And some really interesting coral.  Why do underwater pictures always look so underwhelming when you look at them later?  It was cool, promise.


Then my little fish decided that he was cold.  As in approaching hypothermia type cold.  So Miya and I swam him back.  Problem was that our towels were in one place {the shore} and the sweatshirts and other warming devices were on the boat.  And the current was going the other way.  Eventually we made it back to shore and the mate picked us up and took us to the sailboat.  Phew!

I even picked up a giant starfish along the way. {see him behind me, there?} We put him back.


After lunch we went to check out more of the island.  Jackson had already done some exploring while Miller and I were warming up and he said it was awesome!


Jackson, you were CORRECT!  A quick walk through this and we came to…DSCN6851


A little, secluded, private beach.




Miya quickly learned how to chuck a coconut, so Miller could fetch it.DSCN6866

He could not resist the pull of the ocean.  He had to dive in.  He quickly got rolled by a rough wave and came up smiling with a face full of sand.


Romi’s bathing suit was a perfect complement to the colors of the day.


All too soon we headed back to the sailboat.  If you are looking for a similar trip check out Barefoot Sailing.



We enjoyed a slow sail back to the harbor.  It didn’t take long for this to happen.DSCN6881

It was an unforgettable day.

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