Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break Part 1

This year for the boys’ Spring Break my brother Kirk and his wife, Sachi, and two daughters, Miya and Romi came for a visit.  They live outside of San Francisco, so it was quite a long trip for them to get here, but boy are we glad that they did it.

Since they were on Vacation we had to stop at the Daq Shack on the way home from the airport.  DSCN6785DSCN6790

They also explored the caves that are there.



As soon as they arrived, Jackson and Miller hooked them in with Just Dance!


We peeled them away from the Wii in time to go for a short walk on the beach.




When we got home, the boys were showing them our “aquarium”, {which is nothing more than some random plastic pieces that we have sunk in the canal behind our house.  The fish like the protected area and hang around}.

P3290176 That day we had a new visitor in the aquarium too.  This file fish was munching on the algae  on the bottom of the boat.  File fish are really thin, so it doesn’t look too big, but it was about 18 inches long.



It was a good sign of what was to come!

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