Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Break Part 3

After our wonderful Sail and Snorkel day we celebrated Easter.  It ended up being a little delayed, but it all worked out perfectly in the end.  Unfortunately Allen had to work, and we missed him for a lot of the week. 

{Spring Break is the real deal here and there is no rest for the weary from mid February to mid April.  Whatever happened to going to somewhere local for Spring Break?}

Sachi brought an egg tie-dye kit and even though it had the possibility of turning out a messy disaster, they turned out really nicely.  I think it helped that the girls were basically one on one with the boys helping them.


On Easter, we spent some time at Jaws beach and had some great snorkeling.

Aside from the two little starfish I found this conch shell.  It had a small octopus inside it!


Aside from the two little starfish I found this conch shell. It had a small octopus inside it!


We all enjoyed a little beach combing too.  The sand has really changed a lot recently and it is exposing things we have never seen before.  Look at how this conch is encased in the rock.  How many years does that take?


I’ve never seen these before either.  What could they be?


The water was beautiful.


The boys were happy to just bounce around in the water and play in the sand…with their cousins.



Then it got very “local” and we headed home.

When we got home my brother was checking out the boys on their Rip Riders and thought he should give it a shot. 



He had this look on his face the whole time.


Sachi gave it a go too, but she was more tentative and thoughtful and didn’t get to spin quite as much as kirk and the other kids.  {Yep, I just called my brother a kid…he totally is!}


Either way, they are both totally boss for even giving it a go!  Nobody got hurt which may a second miracle of Easter!

We had an egg hunt!






The girls were the best playmates for the boys.  They showed off some of their skills and taught Jackson and Miller some new tricks too!


Sachi made a yummy dinner of  Bahmian Red Snapper and Tempura veggies.  Yum!

Since we packed so much into their visit, I’m going to have to finish this off tomorrow.

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