Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A New Honor

Friday morning I went to the school assembly so I could see Jackson get another Merit badge.  He was so eager to get it.  I love that their school recognizes every day, small things  such as helping a friend or having their uniform on and shirt tucked in, by giving them merits. When they have 100 merits they get a badge that shows how hard they work every day.


It was also the last day of school for our friends and neighbors the Thielmans.  I knew they would recognize them as well. We’re going to miss them!

What I didn’t know was that Jackson and Miller would be student of the week!  I was beyond surprised! Jackson has been Student of the Week quite a few times.  Every time we make a big deal about it because it is a big deal!  He and his class mates have been really good and are continuing to learn and grow even in the heat and with just a few days of school left.


Miller’s class doesn’t choose a student of the week.  The Art teacher, who is also substituting in his class this week, chose him for her student of the week.  She said that every time he sees her work he tells her he really, really, really likes her paintings.  I can totally hear him saying that.


We are so proud of these guys!




Six more days of school!

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  1. How fantastic! Congratulations on another merit badge Jackson!! Way to go Miller on getting student of the week!! I am glad that is in print....wasn't sure if or when I would see that happen. SO PROUD!!

    Aunt Chele


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