Friday, June 28, 2013

Inspired by the Islands-The results

After being inspired by the islands in my paintings, I  decided to use my found shells, and glass as house décor.  Most of this has been going on for quite some time, but I recently decided to tidy them up a bit.

Let’s start on the front porch.  This is the  coral plant I am growing.  The plants I put in this planter kept dying.  So I started putting these corals in there.  Works for me!


I’m in love with this conch with the top broken off.  There may be a painting soon!


In the powder room this little vignette came together with coral, aqua sea glass and a candle holder.


This is my collection of heart shaped rocks. Or as Allen would say my rock collection.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?   Maybe I’ll find more before we leave??


My prized conchs in a basket.  One day I’ll tell you where I got them…


These are really unusual conch.  Some call it a trident and others call it a corkscrew.  I call it pretty.NIK_2705

Sea Glass in glass.  With a little brain coral too.NIK_2706

Even the guest room gets a few beachy touches. Actually this is where to boys are least often, so I put my most fragile shell in here. With a pile of sticks.  But it works if you group them right!NIK_2709

I have lots of sea fans that I placed in my old bike basket.  I do believe I need to edit a bit more!


The sea Urchins found a home in this big jar.  Plenty of room for more…

shell (10)

This one is called a Sputnik urchin.  I love the green on it.

shell (14)

They sit on this high shelf with the sea biscuits.


We got that crystal bowl for a wedding present, and it has been used for everything from a goldfish bowl to a salad bowl.  Now it holds these treasures.  I promise to never serve salad from that bowl if you come over.


Who knows what I am going to come home with next.  I am always looking…

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