Friday, June 21, 2013

Backyard Explorations

On Sunday the boys were playing in our backyard and I grabbed my camera.

We were feeding our leftovers from breakfast to the fish.  Turns out that my boys do not love turkey sausage, but the fish really do!


I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of fish this is.  So far we call it zebra fish.  We are scientists of the highest order, right?


It lives in that PVC pipe that we added to our “aquarium” last winter.


The angel fish were trying to squeeze sausage pieces into their tiny mouths.


We saw a baby barracuda hanging out in the algae.  This one was about the size of my thumb.


The hermit crabs were in the algae too.  The algae is probably like Cracker Barrel on Sunday mornings.  It’s the place to eat on the weekends!


Another small barracuda and a conch!NIK_2842

Jackson found his first conch.NIK_2851

Not sure how it ended up on our beach, but it was fun to look at.NIK_2868

Once we put him back in the water we got to see his eyes.


Hank tried to scare off the little fish that swim in the shallow waters.


He is not the aggressive type, so no fish were harmed.NIK_2883

Miller did what he does best!NIK_2920

Then he decided to help his brother hunt the fish.NIK_2941NIK_2950NIK_2967

The caught a rock.  The fish were pretty safe!


Sometimes I do dream about having a nice grassy backyard, but I really like this backyard very much!


katie daisy


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