Monday, June 3, 2013

Re-Post: Worst-end-of-school-year-mom-ever!

So Jen Hatmaker summed up my feelings perfectly. 

I have not quite reached the same level of desperation that she has, but hey, I only have 2 children and they are in Pre-K and 1st grades. 

Remember this?


Who am I kidding?  I have to leave room at the bottom for future years.

may (48)

Jackson’s teacher just asked me if we had any of the chapter books they read since the school’s books have to be turned in next week.

You mean you want me to provide reading material for my child?  For homework that I never wanted him to do in the first place.  Umm ok.  Sure, I’m on that!

I gave her the answer she wanted.  “Yes, we have them.”

My friends and I have had these conversations going on since Spring Break. 

“Are you going to the park after______?”  {fill in the blank, soccer, swimming, tennis lesson}

“Yes, but I guess we should go do homework first….”

“Yep, us too.  My guy has a project on Zambia due tomorrow and he has to bring in a native dish and dress in native dress.”

“Yep, me too, my guy has a living history project due, he’s Thomas Jefferson or is it Thomas Edison?”

“Cool, so I’ll see you at the park in a little bit.

“Sounds good.”

Because let’s be honest, it is shame that is keeping us going at this point.  We don’t want to be that one mom who forgets to get the gift card for Teacher Appreciation week.  {You know what is better than a gift card?  CASH!}  Or the only mom who forgets to get cookies for the soccer party.  But if one other mom forgets, it’s all good!

Solidarity at it’s finest.  As Jen says, “Next year’s teachers will get a fresher version of us in August, and they won’t even know the levels of suckage we will succumb to by May.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Except we go to school through June 25.  There oughtta be a law!

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  1. I am not commenting a day late. I loved this post so much this is my second day in a row reading it!

    Autn Chele


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