Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday? Mosquitos

Ok so it goes without saying that living on a tropical island we are guaranteed to have mosquitos.  We are also guaranteed to have them 9 months out of the year..if not year around.

However, with all the rain we have recently had, they are relentless.  As soon as you walk out the door, you are now guaranteed to have a swarm on you in seconds.  Off can not keep up with that.

Yes, I know we have to get rid of any stagnant water, but try telling that to all the land that is still covered in water.  Wetlands here are still under water.  Can’t get rid of the wetlands!  Otherwise we might kill some rare curly tailed lizard that is endangered.

Two summers ago there was an outbreak of Dengue Fever.  Doesn’t that sound like a third world disease?  Oh, yeah, it is!  Then there is West Nile, Malaria and some other nasty sounding mosquito bourn illnesses.

To add insult to injury, they have invaded the house.  Nothing makes me as mad as sitting in my house and getting mosquito bites.  Especially since getting outside is basically equivalent to donating blood without the “doing good” part, right now.

You know what’s not right?  Getting bit by a mosquito in your house!  That is just basically uncivil.

  They seem to be hitchhiking inside on us when we come in. You would think that the hundreds of lizards we have in these parts would do their duty and eat all these mosquitos up.  They could have a full belly.

I guess they are used to being lean and hungry because they are not helping!

So here is my question.  Do you think that $400 for a mosquito trap thingy would be indulgent?  I could buy a lot of lizards for that amount of money.

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  1. Not indulgent if it gives you some relief! That's such a nightmare, I hate those little suckers!


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