Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1st Grade- Check!

Can you believe that we had school until June 25th?  This is our first full week of Summer Break!  Jackson had so many fun projects that he wanted to hold onto forever, that we just don’t have room to keep, so I took pictures of him holding them and sent them away. 


Jackson didn’t approve of that part, but you can’t hold onto everything!  I had to wait until he was in bed and sneak outside to the trash can like a thief in the night.


Jackson had such a great year in First Grade.  He mastered reading and started on chapter books.  He learned all about time, money, addition and subtraction.NIK_3126NIK_3128

He is a really great learner and I am so happy about that.  as a former teacher, it is so neat to see his mind easily grasp all these concepts and just “get it”!NIK_3129NIK_3130

His class has been very small and many of the children are like siblings since they have been together as long as they can remember.  It’s very sweet.NIK_3132NIK_3133

Jackson’s teacher worked hard to get him out of his shell and bring out the fun parts of his personality.  She is young and fun and really loves her kids.  We couldn’t have asked for any better.NIK_3137


When I asked him what the best part of First Grade was, he told me, “play time”, which I am happy they still get.




Next year Jackson will move to another wing of the school, wear an oxford shirt and a TIE!  He won’t get out early on Fridays and is expected to learn cursive and multiplication.


I am sure that he will move through it with as much joy and ease as he has his previous years.

As cliché as it sounds it seems like just yesterday these two were nervously awaiting the start of a new school year.


Congratulations Jackson!

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