Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 4th

The first year I was here for the 4th, I was surprised that the cable guy was coming over in the middle of the day for repairs.  It’s just that when we lived in the U.S. everybody celebrates the 4th.  Like Thanksgiving.  But here we aren’t in the U.S.  and the 4th is just a day that leads up to Bahamas Independence Day.  Their Independence Day is July 10th.  This year is the 40th anniversary of their independence and they are going all out!

But back to the subject of the 4th…

On the 3rd we went to a party  at The Old Fort Bay Club {for adults} and saw some nice fireworks. 


After enjoying our New Orleans themed food and drinks, there were fireworks.  Again, we were really close.  I’m kind of liking seeing fireworks really close up!


On the 4th, the boys went to a day camp.  {It’s just another Thursday here.}

After camp we headed over to our friends house for a yummy cookout and to see the fireworks.  Before we could go see the big ones we had to let the kiddos have some sparkler fun.


After that we headed out on the boat to see the real fireworks.  The Bahamas doesn’t celebrate the 4th of July, but a lot of the hotels do.  Hotels have Americans and Americans love fireworks.  We’ll take it!NIK_3342

First up was Atlantis.  It was a little too bumpy to take good pictures {Just go with it, it has nothing to do with my below average photography skills!"}NIK_3345NIK_3347

Here is a professional shot from the Atlantis site.


Ahem, theirs were better!

Something you may not know is that in the islands they sometimes  shoot fireworks off of barges.  We were right under the fireworks from the Wyndham Hotel.  They had a full 15 minute show!  Take my word for it, they were amazing.

The Sheraton had some nice ones too!

After all that we had some very tired boys {and adults} and we headed straight to bed!  We are so thankful for the freedoms that being Americans affords us and thrilled to share it with our American and Bahamian friends.

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