Monday, July 15, 2013

A Bunch of Stuff

We have had the most boring week in the history of time.  Allen was in Chicago.  The boys were home on summer vacation. 

I made big plans to have “Beach Week”.  It was going to be great and we were going to a different beach every day.  They were going to have a great time, we build fantastic memories and dinner would magically make itself and life would be easy!

Except it didn’t happen.  On Sunday evening, Miller told me he could hear bubbles in his ears.  Boo!

Monday afternoon he still had “bubbles” in his ears, so I called and made an appointment with the doctor. 

He gave Miller a quick once over and said that Miller didn’t have an ear infection, but had distortion in his middle ear.  All his congestion was just sitting in his head.  No swimming for 5 days!


We got some prescription nasal spray and stayed home for the next 4 days.  Don’t be jealous! Right now it is too hot to be outside unless you’re in the water.  So if you take swimming out of the equation, it gets very boring, very fast.


We watched movies, played board games, played Beyblades, made a Lego Police station, did some arts and crafts and played on the ipad.


We may not have accomplished anything, but we were right where we needed to be.  I try to remember that the boys need plenty of unscheduled time to learn how to be best friends.  As much as they love playing with their friends and going and doing fun things they also need plenty of time, to just play, use their imaginations and figure out what they need to do to entertain themselves.

That’s even better than a week at the beach!

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