Monday, July 1, 2013

Finca Nati Farm

Last week Miller’s class had a field trip Finca Nati Farm.  {Yes, we just finished school this week, crazy, right?!?}

It is the same farm where the school art show was held.  We were fortunate that the rain held off just long enough for them to have fun without getting wet.  And it wasn’t blazing hot, BONUS!

The grounds of this farm are absolutely gorgeous and the care and attention that the animals and grounds are given is evident. The owner is very active with the Bahamas Humane Society and many of their animals are rescues.

As they arrived they were greeted by Jake, the enormous and friendly Saint Bernard.


Miller and he are old friends from the school dog show!


Then we met Jason, the miniature horse.  I am pretty sure some of the dogs were bigger than him.


He was a mellow fellow.NIK_2725

Miller fed him a carrot and I oggled his bangs.  So cute!NIK_2734

Then there was a goat.  I’m not a huge fan of goats, but this one was very chill.  They had just rescued him recently.NIK_2740

We took a short walk into the woods….NIK_2741

And came upon a donkey in a corral.  Adorable!


He too was super friendly, and also a rescue.


Jake the St. Bernard escorted the boys through the woods.


They had let this lovely guy out of his stall and he was amazingly mellow…and big!


Ms. Vazquez showed them his hard shoes and explained why you don’t want to get too close to the back of a horse.NIK_2753

We made our way over to the bird enclosure and saw all this…


They have bunnies, ducks, parrots, chickens and guinea pigs all living together.


Miller loved petting the chicken.  Yep that’s Miller.  Their uniforms and sun hats make it difficult to tell who is who.  The sun hats are necessary here and the uniforms are delightful!


The chicken loved being petted.  The more grubby hands the better!NIK_2765

We also saw Maya Moon and some other wonderful creatures.  We were amazed at all the big dogs they own.  Two St. Bernards. A Mastiff and a Great Dane, a potcake or two and then there was another cutie who was a corgi lab mix!


All too soon it was time to head back to school.


We had a great time at the Finca Nati farm!

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