Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Allen!

Allen is not one who enjoys being the center of attention.  However today is his birthday and he certainly deserves some special recognition.

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He is such a hard worker.  He has been very successful and although he is smart, most of his success comes from his strong work ethic.


Since I don’t have any pictures of him working hard, I’ll give you plenty of him playing hard!A-J_Lego-Land

He was recently selected to be a member of a Leadership Institute for his agency.  This means long hours, travel and having less free time.  He jumped at the chance to improve himself this way.


He loves to do hard things.  If there is a problem that needs to be worked on, he loves tackling on it.  After the interview process for the leadership Institute, he was on such a high.  He loves the tough stuff.


He is the greatest Dad.  The boys worship him and he takes his role of being a father and a role model very seriously.


Allen is also the best husband I could ask for.  He so generous.  He is generous with his help, his love and his ideas.  He has a way of summing things up in a way that makes it so simple. 


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the foundation for such a fantastic man.  He has pretty terrific parents who taught him the value of hard work and tackling hard things head on.

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Happy Birthday Allen!



  1. Happy Birthday Allen! Best brother-in-law I could ever ask for too! See you soon to celebrate.


  2. What a really sweet post and I love that you mentioned his parents! Happy Birthday!


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