Monday, March 18, 2013


As opposed to last season, Jackson’s soccer team has been doing very well.  He has moved up to an older team, so he has a new coach, that he adores, and some good team mates.
He is still playing goalie a good bit but is being pushed to play some other positions too.
scr (249)scr (250)
Funny story.. Jackson was playing goalie and at this particular field there were no goals (or lines for that matter) so they put out the two cone /stick thingies and called it good.  It didn’t take Jackson and his best bud long to figure out that if they moved the two goals really close together that they’d have an advantage.  They didn’t get to actually take advantage of their scheming because it was pretty obvious and their coach made them put them back.  It was a good plan, though!
scr (183)scr (184)
{Funny faces happen when you are learning to whistle}scr (186)

scr (251)
He had a really nice save at this game!  And I captured it too!scr (256)
Most of the kids that he played with on this Saturday will be playing with him again next year too.scr (323)scr (324)
We love that he is so enthusiastic and  learning the many fantastic lessons that sports can teach.
scr (399)

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