Friday, March 8, 2013


So I may be the last one to join Instagram, but I have really been having a blast with it.  In case you {like me} have been living under on a rock and don’t know about it yet, it is a photo sharing site that allows you to follow your friends and see what pictures they have been taking with their mobile devices.

This week I am linking up with Life  Rearranged  to show what we have been up to recently according to Instagram.


We had a nice warm day without soccer practice {gasp} and headed to the beach!


I’ve been playing with a new app called Camera+ and it has some need features .IMG_0537

I drive by this spot about once a week, recently it occurred to me to snap a picture.  It looks so happy.


Did you get an amazing orange full moon in Monday night?  Ours was crazy big.  Of course in the iphone picture it looks like a street light, but I always want to remember.

I made Jackson come look at the moon, and he said, “Mom now the moon is my favorite color!!”  It was so precious!


Of course Superman, or Clark Kent, as he wants to be called this week, needed a picture as well!


This is not an episode of Hoarders.  It is our little storage shed.  BEFORE!


And After.    I took every single thing out, cleaned, and then put everything back correctly.


Phew!   That was a long and sweaty morning!IMG_0498

You have no idea how much stuff is in thereIMG_0500

Two little boys were so good at the bike store!  I love them more than gum!


Let’s see what Instagram holds for next week!

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