Thursday, March 14, 2013


Don’t get whiplash since earlier this week I was telling you how cold it has been here.  These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago.

The boys and I were at the beach one afternoon and while they were playing well together {JOY, JOY, JOY!} I wanted to soak up the minutes so that I could frame them in my mind and never let them escape.

Recently, I got a new app for my phone that is a picture taking/ editing app.  It is called Camera+ and I really like it.  While we were playing so well I decided to play a bit too.

This is my first picture straight out of the camera.



You can really tell on the next two pictures the different types of editing that are in the app.


Then I started to really have fun!


I think I really like it and it is definitely worth the 99 cents that I spent on it.

This is priceless!  He made a baby Jackson.


More importantly the memories that I have from that afternoon are documented, and I don’t just have to frame them in my memory.

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