Thursday, March 7, 2013

Killer Pick Up Line

Miller loves the ladies.  He’s the one at the park who asks girls to kiss him (on the lips, no less).  He has a couple of girls that he regularly asks to marry him.  While they are cute and sometimes play along, they are mostly baffled.  I’m a little worried about what he will do if one ever asks them to “play house”. 
feb (7)
One of his favorite friends has been gone for a few weeks.  She returned this week and he was ready to woo her back.
feb (8)
He said this to her when he saw her:
“Will you marry me?  I stopped eating my boogers!”
feb (9)
I don’t think he got the answer he was hoping for.

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  1. Miller you are going to have them lining up your whole life! And it's in writing.

    Love you TONS
    Aunt Chele


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