Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What the Heck? Wednesday–BUSTED!

So I am leaving someone’s home and look in my side view mirror to see if any cars are coming before I pull out. There were no cars coming, but there was this “situation” coming down the street.
A man walking down the street holding an enormous pipe {that I am sure he borrowed and has already returned to it’s rightful owner} and a shopping cart {ditto the borrowed part above} full of coconuts.  He was walking through the neighborhood knocking coconuts off the trees,  then going to sell them.
Do you see the pipe he is holding?  It was about 12 feet long.  he needed to make sure that he could reach all of {someone else’s }coconuts
I had to wait until he passed, you know just to be polite! And while waiting I needed to get my camera ready- in a discreet way- to take a picture of the “situation”. It’s for the BLOG!
Y’all, I try to be subtle, I really do.  I know you’re thinking that I am trying to be funny.  But seriously, I know that not everyone likes their picture taken and put all over the Internet, but I do try.  Subtlety is an art.  An art that I am not very practiced at!
So I think I have my set up all subtle and then this guy walks past and as I am snapping this picture of him, he totally makes eye contact with me and says “good morning”.  And then I felt a touch awkward.  But it was for the BLOG!

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