Friday, May 31, 2013

Island Hopping: Spanish Wells Part 3

We were sad to leave Spanish Wells, so we squeezed in a little more beach time before heading back to Nassau.

The waves were a little rough. 


Can you sense the sarcasm?   There was a stiff breeze.  Yes, I do realized that I am spoiled and will likely not ever be pleased with a normal beach again. #islandproblems

So we scooted over to another, more protected, beach.


I took this picture of Miller then noticed what looked like a big rock off to his left. 


The “rock” was buzzing with flies and I realized that “rock” was in fact a giant fish head.


This huge sandbar was the boys personal playground for the next little while.


They didn’t want to stop playing for a photo.  PSh!


I bet it goes a mile.P5201211P5201222

With sad hearts, we packed our golf cart back up and headed to the docks.  I spy the Bug!


shortly after we left Spanish Wells, the boat’s engine started giving a warning.  As a safety mechanism it would only go a few miles per hour.  Sooo, we headed back to Spanish Wells.

We spent one more night and got a bonus day as the guys sorted the situation out.  We got a little more beach time

SW (22)

SW (9)

Did a little sightseeing in Spanish wells.  This is what the other sights {besides the amazing beach} look like.

SW (6)SW (19)

Picked up some yummy locally grown {Eleuthera} pineapples.

SW (21)

Read the phone book.  Just kidding.  It was about 10 pages and so quaint, I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

SW (7)

Later in the afternoon we hopped on the ferry to head home.  The boys were awesome.  Gave them each their own ipad and a big bag of Doritos and they were golden!SW (31)

It took us a little under two and a half hours to get back.  We had a few rain showers along the way and just as we pulled into the harbor we were rewarded with this!SW (36)

And then it rained harder than it has ever rained in the history of mankind {or my memory at least} and it took us over an hour to get home.

Back to life, back to reality.  Name that song!

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