Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Saturday was a really busy day for our family.  We started with 2 soccer games at 9 a.m. Then immediately following that, Allen and Jackson were in a fishing tournament, and that evening we went to the Marine Corps Ball.  Phew!

The Generations Junior Angler Fishing tournament is highly anticipated here because the kids are the entrants and the parents are just the transportation. Entry is by boat and each boat usually has several junior anglers on it.  The boat they were on didn’t win, but they did have a great time.  And in my book, “If you had fun, you won!”


We were fortunate that Allen sent me these pictures as the tournament was ending, because he had an unfortunate Blackberry accident at the end.  {If you know Allen, you realize the trauma that comes with a Blackberry accident!}  He was able to dive in and retrieve it, but even though he rinsed it with fresh water and put it in a bowl of rice for 24 hours, it was a goner.

He also lost his sunglasses too.  Poor guy dropped them as they were trying to get rid of this guy…IMG00056-20131109-1320

He didn’t go after them.  I am picturing this angry shark swimming around with Allen’s Ray Bans on him!


Poor Allen, but he was a good sport about it!

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  1. Allen should of gone in for the glasses and let the Blackberry go. :-)

    Aunt Chele


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