Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What the Heck? Wenesday

Last week I made reference to a bit of Bahamian slang.  I absolutely love the Bahamian people and thus love their language. 

When we first got here, the movers asked me as they finished unpacking our things, “You straight?”  Hmmm, you just unloaded all my husbands things I have 2 kids what do you think?  As it turns out, “You straight?” is slang for “is everything OK?”

It has taken me a while to really grasp the beauty of it.  I hope you enjoy it too.

So here is a list of Bahamian slang for you!

  • back-back: to go in reverse in a car

  • Biggety – bold and argumentative (see some of my posts for an example)

  • Boongie – butt

  • buck up: to crash, as in car

  • bust up: drunk

  • Brought-upcy – manners

  • Bubbies – big breasts

  • Chirren – childrenconchy joe: watch out for Joe! Usually a white Bahamian

  • Curren’ – electricity

  • Cut hip – a good beating

  • Ferl – aluminum foil

  • Georgie bundle– Used in “I ga pack up my georgie bundle and go” (leave a relationship)

  • Grabalicious – greedy

  • Gubment – government

  • Gussy mae– a heavy set Bahamian woman who has bubbies, and huge peas & rice boongie

  • jam up: too crowded

  • Joneser- a person who will wash you car for a dollar to support their addiction

  • Jook– to stab someone with an underhand motion

  • Mudda Sick – Wow

  • “Mussy”: - maybe...there is a possibility

  • No-manners– self explanatory (example: no-manners chirren usually get a good cut hip)

  • Numbers– lottery (as in playing the “numbers”)associated with “web shops”

  • Outside chirren- (children out of wedlock and with a sweetheart)

  • “Pants Gunnin” – when ones long pants are noticeably to small. The ankles are visible when they should be covered by the pants leg.

  • Peas and rice boongie– a very large butt

  • Potcake – a dog of mixed breed or burnt rice at the bottom of the pot

  • sip sip: gossip

  • Slam bam- a slice bologna between two pieces of bread

  • Spry – sparsely showered rain

  • Sweetheart – a husband’s “other” woman or a wife’s “other” man

  • tote news: to gossip

  • Vell Muddoes : is an exclaimation, meaning wow

  • Ya ma! – You lie!

Now I have to let you see this video.  It is Ha-Lar-E-us!

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