Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Harvest Carnival

Somehow I forgot to hit publish on this post, so here it is a little late.

The boys’ school recently had their Harvest Carnival.  The boys were incredibly excited and they had the best time.

Both boys had a blast throwing cream pies at the teachers.  They are much nicer than I was when I was a teacher.


Jackson loves his teacher, Miss Jones.  She is amazing for him!


The hair painting was a highlight.  Get it “high light”?  Miller’s hair stayed pink for days afterward.




I have no idea what this game was, but it makes my tummy churn just looking at it.


They enjoyed lots of candy and even managed to make it through the haunted house.  Jackson had to work a booth for a little while and while he was working Miller tried out the Warhead game.  They had several children who had to eat sour candies and not make a face.  As the rounds passed, he kept a straight face.  The big kids could not hang with him.  Miller made it all the way to the final round.


When Jackson finished he had to try it too.  He didn’t get to the final round, but look at the boy beside him!  Their faces are hilarious!


We are already looking forward to next year!


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