Saturday, November 9, 2013

Random Thoughts

On Tuesday I got back from a quick trip to S.C to visit my family.  Remember how I was missing fall?  Well this weekend was just what I needed.  There were incredible fall colors, the weather was perfect and crisp and I enjoyed a couple of fires with my sister and brother.


My brother was coming to visit our mom and I thought it would be nice for me to be there too, so I booked the trip very last minute.  Except my passport was out for renewal.  Bummer! We got it all figured out and I had a great time. 

When the boys are not with me, these are the things I take pictures of.

One of the most gorgeous sunrises I’ve ever seen.


Enormous pumpkins and gourds on a front porch.


Pretzel Crisps at Costco.  Costco is amazing to me now.  I can’t get over the prices!


I can’t forget the peach in Gaffney!


Some cute rain boots that wanted me to take them home.  Alas, they wouldn’t have fit in my carry on bag!  There is always Christmas, honey!


While I was gone the boys had big fun with their dad.

Miller left the house looking like this.


Jackson had a pretty nasty crash on his bike (disgusting picture below)!


We are still trying to get all the dirt out….of his knee, elbow and palms.  Bless his brave heart!

They also had lots of time with their dad, swimming, riding bikes, making an obstacle course and churning home made mango ice cream.

I left temperatures in the 30’s and came back to temps in the 80’s.  It’s so good to be home!

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