Monday, November 25, 2013

Rocketing Along

The past week sped past me so fast that I’m still not sure what day it is.  Last week Allen was traveling, so the boys and I were a little less scheduled.  Want to eat dinner at 4:45?  No problem!  We were unscheduled up until a point.  Bedtime is always on time!  I got a little crazy and let them stay up until 8 one night…party animals!  We were so busy being party animals that I barely have any pictures to show for it!

One afternoon, we were getting near home and we saw this…a rainbow over our house.


While Jackson was at tennis, Miller and some neighborhood friends found a seahorse. 


Yep they caught him.IMG_2568

Don’t worry he was put back right after this picture.

How awesome is that?  They were able to pick him up right out of the water, examine him and put him right back.

Allen got back and on Saturday{after two soccer games and a playdate} the family went to Jollification.  It’s a festival that starts the holiday season.  There are arts and crafts for purchase and of course lots of yummy food.  I think the highlight for the boys was watching this guy crack conch for conch salad.


Too bad the line was too long to get any.  The boys were able to do some glittery crafty decorations.  I adore children’s crafts, so I am happy to add these to our collection.


Yes we are still wearing shorts and T shirts and it was still HOT!

Sunday we had plans to get the tree decorated in the morning.  So do you remember how I said I loved the prelit artificial tree we got before we moved here?  We are barely on speaking terms {the tree and I}…7 strands of lights and two trips to the store later… we finished that sucker up around 8:30 p.m.  The boys loved helping to decorate.


Bless them, this is their idea of decorating! IMG_2589

After they went to bed I had a glass of wine, did a little rearranging and then hit the hay.

This week is shaping up to be even more exciting with things like ordering Christmas cards, making a doctor’s appointment, and buying new tires on my to do list.  Don’t be  envious!

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