Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Fun

We had quite a busy weekend. 

First thing on Saturday morning we  had two soccer games.  Unfortunately Miller made a bad choice right before his game and we took him home to think about it.  {FYI being a parent is hard}  Fortunately, we live close to the school so Allen and I could tag out at each watch some of his game.

Jackson’s team did great and he played hard so that was awesome!


Last weekend they got a “cut hip” --that is Bahamian slang for taking a beating.  It wasn’t pretty, but this week was much better!

After the game the boys were both invited to a birthday party at Atlantis.  From 12-5.  That is right, we had an entire afternoon at Atlantis to have a date.    A lunch date and reading by the pool.  Ahhhh!


Sunday morning we had some time around the house.  First they played Play Doh.  I love that they still love it!


IMG_2510Then the boys and I gave hank a haircut.  I dread it, but he is so much happier and more comfortable with his hair short.



We took this much hair off the old guy!


It looks like a giant possum is in the bag!

In the afternoon the boys had another birthday party.  They ate candy, bounced on the bouncy house, climbed trees and had a ball.  Sunday night was an early bedtime for sure!

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