Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Aunt Chele to the Rescue

Last weekend Allen had a Duty Weekend, which is where he works about 16 hours a day from home. The first one was awful because Jackson could not understand why his Daddy wouldn't play with him. In February he brought my sister up to help me for his next duty weekend. Not only was it better, but we had fun! I thought I was going to go it alone this time and was planning for that, but at the last minute, he found an inexpensive airplane ticket and she was able to come up again.
She got here on Saturday morning. We had a great lunch at CPK--Jackson ate all of his food! Then in the afternoon, she was a great Aunt and played outside with them while I continued my yard work. The water table was a big hit. Both boys were all wrinkled up--and as happy as pigs in mud that they were able to splash with wild abandon.

I managed to finish spreading mulch and since I had free help, I tackled a project that has been intimidating me since we moved here, nearly 4 years ago. I cut back the monster bushes and pulled out ivy from an overgrown bed.

You can see that they were about 10 feet tall--on this side. Now both bushes are about 6 feet tall.

I can't tell you how good it feels to have that done. (The real reason I can't tell you is because I am still hurting from all that yard work!) However the yard looks so much neater, and is beginning to look nice.
We hung out and played the rest of the weekend and enjoyed having Michele here.
Thanks Allen for bringing her up and thanks Michele for cancelling all your plans and coming to help us!


  1. Well I had a blast and THANKS to Allen for making it happen. Now about this picture.........just remember payback is painful!

    Love Aunt Chele

  2. You are lucky to have an Aunt Chele!!


  3. You had me at CPK! I miss it so. Doesn't it feel great to get something done? I'm glad the yard is shaping up!


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