Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I realize that every mom thinks that her children are spectacular and smart and cute and just plain amazing. I get it. We are designed to think that so that we will put up with all the other not so endearing things they do. But this? I mean this is beyond a mom thinking her son is special or advanced. My pediatrician likes to say "clearly" a lot. She has said in the past that this baby is "clearly" very advanced physically. She is right, and I know it because I live with him everyday, but "clearly" I was not expecting this.

Let me back up and tell you this--
For the last several weeks I have been working in the yard to get leaves cleaned up and the yard ready for summer. Jackson usually plays outside and sometimes Miller does too. He especially likes crawling over to the leaves and attempting to eat them before I can stick my dirty hands in his mouth and pry them out. So a couple of weeks ago, I was finishing up in the back yard, and Jackson and I were dragging the bags of leaves out to the curb when we came back from the side of the house and saw this jaw dropping exhibit. Allen looked out the window at the same time. He grabbed the camera and captured this.

He is way up there. So "clearly" we have a strong boy on our hands. As you know from before, Jackson has been labeled as "abnormally strong" by my friend Kelly. So what does all this mean?

Next year I am going to be telling y'all about how many Diet Cokes I had while my "clearly" physically advanced sons clean the yard!

Oh, just so you don't have to do the math, he was 7 and a half months old when he did this and "clearly" I shouldn't leave him in the backyard alone, even for a second, even if his dad is watching through the window, because next time he will "clearly" be over the fence!


  1. That is crazy. You have a wild one on your hands.

  2. Quite the little climber. Is that a soccer / hockey goal that he's climbing? Looking forward to seeing y'all soon, and see some of your boys' extraordinary strength for myself!

  3. OK "clearly" when I bought that for Jackson last fall I was not expecting the infant that went shopping with us for it to be CLIMBING it the following Spring!!! What's next? Him cleaning the gutters?

    Aunt Michele

  4. Clearly DSS needs to intervene...he-he!

    Never let his hat fall off either!


  5. HOLY CAMOLY!!!! Em still can't scale something like that! He is CLEARLY super-baby. Can't wait to see you soon.


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