Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun

Can Easter already be over? Can this year be one third through? No way, except I have the pictures to prove it!
Easter morning Miller and I were up bright and early. When Jackson got up at his regular time, I left Miller in the Living Room to play. While I was dressing Jackson we were talking about the Easter Bunny and whether he had come or not. Meanwhile Miller was making a commotion in the Living Room. Jackson was naked and jumped into my arms and said, "Easter Bunny!! Mama, hold me!" Too funny! I had to take him in there and show him it was just the baby. The baby who likes to bang things together to see how loud he can do it!

Jackson was pretty excited about the contents of his basket. He doesn't know that the foil bunny has anything inside it. AND Let's Keep It That Way!!!

Of course he wanted Miller's toy frogs. Go figure. Like Jackson at this age, Miller just wanted to eat the Easter grass.

Miller surprised us by taking a 2 hour nap, so when he got up, we headed out to hunt for some eggs. By the second egg he picked up, Jackson figured out that there were jelly beans inside. He was on a mission. Stuff as many in his little mouth as he could.

The Easter Bunny thought that putting 2 Jelly Beans in each egg was fine. And that would have been fine--- if there weren't 60 eggs. Do the math next time Easter Bunny! 120 Jelly bean make for a sick tummy! (Really he only had about 6 Jelly beans when he got sick) But a little vomit won't stop Jackson from his goal, he barely stopped long enough for me to wipe his mouth and he was back in the game!

Miller just took it all in. When all the eggs were gathered we took some pictures of them and they came out really well. Jackson even let Miller "hold" some of his Easter eggs.


I think Miller is saying, "There's candy in there, oh, I get it!"

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