Thursday, April 2, 2009

Miller started really crawling last week, and guess what? He is F-A-S-T! I guess I should have expected that SUPER BABY was going to be speedy, but I didn't. You can see him in action in the video. Personally, I think that he looks a little like a robot baby when he crawls. He moves sort of jerkily and it is so determined that it makes him look like a robot.
If you can turn up the sound (and ignore my voice) you will hear Jackson saying some cute big brother things.

These days Jackson wants whatever Miller has, so if Miller is eating baby food, so is Jackson. If Miller is getting kissed because he hit his head, Jackson will re-enact the scene and pretend to cry. So right after I took this video, Jackson said, "My turn" and I had to take a video of him crawling down the hall. Cute, but not as impressive as with Miller.

Miller is trying to pull up on everything! He doesn't discriminate...if he thinks it will get him up, he'll give it a shot. The other day, he kept trying to pull up on a basket. Of course, the basket kept flipping up and hitting him in the head. After 5 or 6 times of this he would flinch before pulling up on the basket, but he kept trying. Thank goodness he has a short attention span and moved on! I worry about him being so physically advanced- will his brain ever catch up with his body? Is he going to be a dumb jock? I don't really think so, but being so advanced in certain cases, it could definitely lead to some sticky situations! Please don't tell him I said that!

We are SO ready for Spring here. It is another cool rainy day here. The grass is getting really green, but so far Spring is being as coy as The Bachelor after he proposes. It's saying, "Come here and love me." then I go get my flip flops out and Spring goes and changes its mind and says, "Just kidding, you're not right for me." and I am stuck looking like a fool trying to wear Capri pants when it is 50 degrees. No Global Warming here in G-burg!

Gosh it sounds like I'm still hung up on that ridiculous show, but really I have moved on and I'm swearing it off. Unless Chris Harrison promises that it will be the most stunning rose ceremony ever, and then I might just peek!

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  1. You crack me up! If he does end up being a jock just think that maybe he will be able to support you guys in your old age!! But I do think that sometimes it's one or the other while they are developing and then the other part catches up later! I'm desperate for spring to actually arrive!


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