Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Anniversary #9

Yesterday we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. As we like to joke around here, it has been 8 really fast years and one really long year. Our first year of mariage was a big adjustment for both of us. Once we got into a rhythm, things got much better and now they are hunky dory most of the time.

Typically we buy something together as a gift to each other, but not this year. Next year is going to be a big one and instead of giving each other gifts this year (and becasue we honest to goodness couldn't think of anything we needed) we decided to keep that money in our modest savings account and wait to use it next year. We plan to celebrate in a more elaborate fashion next year!

So this year it was cards and flowers and a dinner at Outback. The cards and flowers were nice but I really have to think hard and long about whether getting the evening off of dish duty is worth the trauma of taking my two young boys into an otherwise calm eating establishment and 1)expecting decent behavior and 2)getting Jackson to sit in a booster seat without diving under the table 478 times. Practice makes perfect is what I always say!

This year's anniversary was not exciting, it wasn't relaxing and it wasn't very glitzy. But come to think of it, it was memorable, because I was with my favorite guys and you just can't beat that!

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