Thursday, October 31, 2013

BOO! Halloween 2013

After much discussion and changing of the minds, the boys decided to be  a Mummy and a Domino’s Pizza delivery man. {Jackson stayed in character the whole time}  They both thought of their costumes all on their own.


Just think if we had combined the two—an interesting concept, right?  What do you think the craziest thing Domino’s delivery people have ever seen?


We happened to see one while we were trick or treating.  He was kind enough to let Miller pose with his car!  We should have asked him what the crazies thing he has ever see was.

Both of their costumes turned out rather well and we got lots of candy to show for all the hard work.


Not only did Jackson tell me that mummies can not smile for pictures he had a joke that he kept up until the very end.  When someone would say something about him being a mummy, he’d say, “"I’m not your mommy!”


Our neighborhood goes all out and we knew we were in for a fun night.  We were not disappointed!  For a country that only recently started to celebrate Halloween, they sure have mastered it quickly!  As I type this our neighbors are continuing a intermittent fireworks show from their dock.  It’s 9:31.

Open the door, it’s Domino’s!


The boys are on fall break, so they can lay here in a candy coma until Tuesday.


Happy Halloween y’all

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  1. You rocked it on the costumes! They both looked amazing.....and adorable.!
    Aunt Chele


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