Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What the Heck? Wednesday

Really the Bahamas has the best signs.  I saw this one last week at Compass Point.


It is clear and makes the point well.  We learned this lesson the hard way.

When we had been here for almost a year Allen left his shorts{ with his wallet in the pocket} in the car.  He is careful, so he  made sure to put it all the way under the seat.  We went back to the car a couple of times and one of those times we must have forgotten to lock it.  When we were leaving, Allen realized his shorts had been taken out of the car.  He was more bummed about losing his favorite belt that the wallet.

Another time we had a friend visiting and she left a bag on the front seat of the car.  When we came back, this was what we saw.


Boo!  Lesson learned!

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