Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We recently spent a weekend in Spanish Wells Bahamas.  The normally flat water there ended up being quite rough.  The boys could not get enough!NIK_3791

They started out in the raft.



After a few times of doing a head plant in the sand when it flipped over, they decided that straight up diving into the waves was more fun!NIK_3786NIK_3788

It’s not often that they get good waves {without seaweed} and they took full advantage!NIK_3798NIK_3809

They ran up and down the beach doing this until they were too famished to carry on.


We fed them and they went right back at it!NIK_3799NIK_3826NIK_3833
  It will be a while yet before we get all the sand out of their ears!

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  1. Oh My God, it's really fun for children. Nice shot!


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