Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween 2013

The other day I got inspired to pull out our Halloween decorations and have the boys help me put them up.  The boys are starting to be a little more into the scary aspects of Halloween, so for the first time we are getting a few scary touches.  Halloween is for the kids right? 
Yep next time I have that idea I am just going to bang my head on the wall and call it done.  They were so excited that they pulled everything out at once and in no time at all it looked like a giant mess!
Over the last few days I have sorted things out bit by bit and it is starting to look a little better scarier.  These spiders are on our second story.
The front door is sporting a new wreath and Skelly.
Come inside if you dare!  Because that is the extent of our scary!
A year or two ago I made the candy corn pennant and have been putting up pictures of previous Halloweens on it.  The boys adore looking at their old costumes!
This year the boys pulled this hand out of some bin and I finally saw it’s potential.  I rigged it up with a couple of toothpicks, some foam and some shredded paper.
We have had this witch that a friend gave me a few years ago and this year I actually got inspired to give her a proper spot.  Miller thinks her eyes follow him.  Hank barks at her a lot!
It may not feel like Halloween, but it sure is starting to look like it!

I'm sharing our decorations at 1825


  1. Nice decorations!

    Aunt Chele

  2. I love your candy corn pennant with old photos! Such a cute idea!


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