Thursday, October 17, 2013

Homework Problems and Solutions

This is the first year that both the boys have homework.  Jackson has full on spelling sentences, putting words in ABC order and math pages as well as reading every night.  Miller is shorter with reading and one 10 minute activity.  It’s manageable though.

However it quickly became apparent that with two boys working on different activities in the same space that some organization was in order.  I turned to Pintrest and there were tons of great ideas for homework stations. 



It’s just that none of them work for us since homework is done in the Dining Room and has to be cleaned up before dinner.

So, what is a girl to do?


That’s right I made a plan!   I opened up the cabinet that we have in our Dining Room and turned it into a homework station.


During Homework time I pull this little basket out.  It contains all the essentials!


Scissors, glue sticks, erasers, a pencil sharpener and a few other tiny things are contained in the red pencil box.  The blue box holds crayons.


The basket also holds Miller’s flash cards , a jar of pencils, rulers, a notebook and a few stickers.


I have a separate basket for school supplies that are not needed yet.  School supplies are so hard to find here {and expensive too}, so I stock up when we go to the U.S.


This cabinet is now a one stop shop for all our learning.  I am keeping markers, notebooks, dry erase pens and boards, extra folders, coloring books and puzzle magazines in here now too.


Of course I had to put the stuff that was in here somewhere.  Another project for another day!

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