Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What the Heck? Wednesday

I’ve been driving past this sign for a while.  It is in front of the sign for our neighborhood. I think they are doing something important like replacing the water meter for the neighborhood.  Like many projects here, they are started and then just left for a while.   Which is probably why they turn off our water ever night at 10 p.m.  They’ll finish it…eventually.
The other day as I was pulling in I noticed a little something that made me laugh out loud.   Do you see it?
These signs are no doubt hand made, but they are also hilarious!  Now do you see it?
Look at it closer!
The worker’s braids are sticking out from his cap!  It is a real depiction of a Bahamian worker.  There is just one or two parts that aren’t quite accurate.  However I love the Bahamians and don’t want to insult anyone, so I’ll let you make whatever observations you might.

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